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About Network Token

We are here to provide beginners with the ultimate resources to get ahead in the cryptocurrency world. We understand that it can be intimidating, and that’s why we strive to go the extra mile to help those with a true desire to learn.

We have been asked countless times to simplify cryptocurrency or “Bitcoin” as the beginner may call it and we are proud to express our desire to teach through this project.


  • Q2 2018

    Platform Launched. Network releases their learning platform:

  • Q3 2018
    website is redesigned to better fit the brands image.

  • Q3 2018

    Additional paid premium content is added. NTWK begins a marketing push to gain regular users and new content creators.

  • Q4 2018

    Network begins marketing to education providers and schools to offer blockchain educational services.

  • Q1 2019

    NTWK starts planning for larger scale operations in the form of seminars, events, and hosting regular meet-ups with platform userbase.

How our Token Works


By Students

Students can use NTWK tokens to purchase premium courses and tools directly from our learning platform. NTWK is the only form of payment accepted. Students who complete courses are sent a certificate transaction on the blockchain showing they've completed coursework, every certificate is stored on the blockchain and is irrefutable


By Content Creators

NTWK is used to reward user's who contribute to the knowledge of others. We award NTWK tokens to anyone who can contribute quality, cohesive content to the learning community. In addition contributors who submit premium paid content receive a portion of the NTWK tokens used by learners to pay for the courses


By Businesses

We understand that not every business wants to learn the in's and out's of blockchain technology but still want to use it to grow their existing infrastructure. We offer smart contract creation services, token creation services, and comprehensive live training to employees. These services are paid in NTWK.

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To watch a comprehensive video on how the Network Token is used within the Network Ecosystem.

Our Tokens

Our tokens are for direct use within the network ecosystem and are available to be purchased for ONLY this intended use. Tokens have been made available on the following exchanges for use only within the network ecosystem. Tokens can be held in your personal wallet until you decide to use them within the ecosystem. We will honor course prices based on purchase transaction date for up to 30 days from purchase.

  • Get NTWK from IDEX Buy
  • Get NTWK from EtherDelta Buy
  • Get NTWK from ForkDelta Buy
  • Get NTWK from Coinpulse Soon!

Content Creators

Content creators are essential to NTWK’s ecosystem.


Applying to become a content creator is simple, click the button below, create an account on the platform and submit a writing sample in our "Become a Teacher" portal. Generally, within 24 hours we'll email you an approval or denial.


Create courses for beginners or advanced learners. Feel good knowing you helped out beginners or advanced learners within the cryptocurrency space, by teaching others you are paving the way to mass adoption!

Get Paid

Earn NTWK tokens for all courses you create. All premium courses you create you will be paid for with every user enrollment. Our revenue sharing program provides an incentive to the hard working content creators.


Take Courses

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user, we have courses for everyone. Expand your knowledge and advance your career in the cryptocurrency space.


Groups of courses will have a test that allows you to prove your knowledge. Once you've completed a section of courses, take the test and pay a small fee to receive a certificate on the blockchain.

On-Chain Certificate

Once you pass a certificate test, you'll provide your ETH address, and we'll send your certificate to you on Chain within the data along with a fractional amount of NTWK as part of a 2-part validation system. These certificates are irrefutable and cannot be changed, ever!

7000 Community Members
10 Free Courses
173 Enrolled users
6 Instructor's


Network Token

The problem with the cryptocurrency space today is that there is a high volume of noise; in the form of news articles, blogs, data and information, meet-up groups developer conferences and the like. So how can one possibly sift through....

Bi-Weekly Update - 06.13.18

It's been a busy two weeks over at Network token! We have a lot to share with everyone! This week we were able to get education tracking live on the platform, you will now be able to view all completed and enrolled courses under your profile....

Bi-Weekly Update - 06.27.18

We’ve been so busy working we almost forgot about writing this week’s newsletter! I guess the phase “Time flies when your having fun” rings true, especially here at Network Token. We have a bunch of items launching this week as promised! New....


Contract Address: 0x2233799ee2683d75dfefacbcd2a26c78d34b470d

Decimals: 18

Symbol: NTWK

Popular Courses

Network Trading Tools

Network Trading Tools provide you an edge in the market by allowing access to various APIs across the internet in one easy to view place. Network Trading Tools provide data such as last price, 3 month low, 6 month low, and deviation from a preselected low. Network Trading Tools are included in the premium membership on our Learn About Crypto Forums. Additional features such as quick decimal conversions, current pricing on your dashboard, and other Fiat currency conversions are coming soon!